The Web Design Process: Step by Step

What is the web design process? It’s the series of steps that we as designers go through to create a website. It involves a combination of design skills, technical knowledge, and project management. The process can vary depending on the specific project, but is typically as follows:

Why Is My Website Offline?

If you find that your website is down, there are number of reasons that can be. The Internet is a massive interconnected spiral of deep sea cables, data centers, and modems that can be a bit spotty at times, leading to numerous points of failure.

Creating Websites for Celebrities and Public Figures

As a digital agency, we offer a wide range of services, including creating celebrity websites. A celebrity website requires certain content, and part of our job involves explaining how it can benefit them.

Website Builders vs. Design Agencies: Which Should You Choose?

When you decide that you want a website, the natural next step is deciding how you’re going to bring it to life. To this end, there are two primary methods of getting your presence established: Website builders, and design agencies. Both options have their ups and downs, and reasons for using one over another.

Social Media Marketing in the Entertainment Industry

Our phones are used for everything these days, from checking the weather to finding a great new restaurant to even checking our bank accounts. Within the last decade, social media has redefined community in a way that phones never could.

Inspiring Change through Social Marketing

Marketing can at times be considered a profession which only serves the corporation. It is an ever evolving process designed to convince and sway others, but the extent of this is most commonly believed to be “Pay money to buy our thing, it’ll make your life better!” When a lot of the time, the verity […]

12 Attorney Marketing Tips to Grow Your Law Firm

Our friends at DesignRush featured us as a top digital marketing agency for law firms! Read more about digital marketing outsourcing on the DesignRush blog.

What does the proposed Website Accessibility Act mean for businesses?

On September 29th, 2022, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth and U.S. Representative John Sarbanes introduced a bill for website and software applications accessibility legislation. It is believed that once enacted, the new law would bring much-needed clarity for businesses and signal both government and public commitment to ensuring equal access to the internet and other technologies […]

Google launches an updates page for website owners

Google updates its algorithm frequently. At times, they announce the major updates beforehand, at other times they inform after initiating one. The last update was rolled out on May 25th. To learn about such updates, we had to wait for tweets & official answers from the team. Google thought of improving this process and has […]

How Do They Drew?

Ashley and Anne, owners of The Drewseum, have been web hosting clients of ours for several years, and friends for even longer. Both our professional and personal connections developed from our shared love of actress Drew Barrymore. Recently the ladies decided to launch a podcast detailing their experiences as fans over the years, called How […]