Google Business Profiles Services Are Now Affecting Local Rankings

Last month, Joy Hawkins of SterlingSky took to Twitter to reveal the surprising impact Services can have on the ranking of Google Business Profiles. This finding is sure to cause a stir among businesses that are trying to improve their ranking on the search engine.

Our WordCamp Buffalo 2023 Experience

WordCamp is an informal convention organized by WordPress users in cities around the globe, complete with speakers, swag, and tables from vendors eager to present their products or ideas. The most recent WordCamp was held on May 6th in Buffalo, New York.

‘Atomic macOS Stealer’ Malware Can Compromise Passwords, Credit Cards, and More

In recent cybersecurity news, a new malware strain has been discovered, called the Atomic macOS Stealer, that can compromise sensitive information stored on Apple computers running macOS. This malware is capable of stealing iCloud Keychain passwords, credit card information, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Asking “Who, How, and Why” is Changing Your Content Game

The debate on AI versus human content has been doing the rounds for months, and people may call it a stale topic now, but man, oh man, it’s only getting interesting! A couple of weeks ago, Google gave another shoutout to AI-generated content, saying it is acceptable as long as it purposefully serves humans.

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Managed WordPress Now Supports PHP 8.1 – Transition to Google Analytics 4 – Suggesting Post Content Using AI

Preparing for Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics has been around for nearly two decades. In that time, the popular analytics tool has undergone multiple updates and changes, the most recent of which occurred with the switch to Google analytics 4 (GA 4).

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media is about more than just posting pictures of cats and arguing about politics. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok offer valuable opportunities for brands to get information about their products or services out there, as well.

Why You Should Avoid PDF Menus on Your Restaurant Website

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating the perfect menu to serve your guests. It’s attractive, and portrays your restaurant well. You decide to post that brilliant PDF file on your website so that visitors can also see it. Clicking “menu” will take you straight there. This, however, isn’t enough.

Bing Search is Getting ChatCPT: A Code Red for Google?

There is a question that is being discussed all over the world now: Can ChatGPT answer all of our questions in the way we want? And if it can, will it revolutionize how we search for and ask for things on search engines?

Reviews with Upvotes Last Longer

Thanks to a study that was published by Sterlingsky, we learned that if a local listing manages to garner 10 reviews or more, they get a ranking boost in the Local Search Results by Google. The study also shed light on the fact that the recency and length of the reviews play an important role.