Recent Advancements Transform ChatGPT into a Multi-Talented Companion

In the last month, notable enhancements have been unveiled, propelling OpenAI’s ChatGPT into a new realm of capabilities. This comprehensive update empowers ChatGPT to navigate the internet, respond to auditory cues, and interpret images. Here, we delve into the remarkable advancements that have transformed ChatGPT into a multifaceted tool.

Using Analytics for your Digital Storefront

In little and big shops alike all over the world, a bell rings as you push open the door. That little ding lets employees know not just when someone enters, but also when someone leaves, allowing them to keep track of whether customers are coming or going in real time even when things are hectic.

Let Google Do the Talking for your Business!

In the bustling digital landscape, it’s all about staying ahead and making life a tad easier, right? Enter the latest from Google Business Profiles: an automated FAQ feature. No more wracking your brain or spending precious time crafting those FAQs! Google’s stepping in, using the details from your profile and website to auto-generate them.

Keylee Jones and the Web Design Scam

Back in March, we received a contact form submission with a simple request: Could you help my company design a new website? Of course we can, that’s what we do! So, naturally I respond, first by email, then by phone a few days later after not getting an email response.

How to Use Stock Images Without Getting Sued

As a content creator, you must be familiar with stock photos and utilize them to make your projects appealing. However, did you know that you can get into legal issues due to image misuse – even if it was unintentional from your side?

Our WordCamp US 2023 Experience

WordCamp US 2023 was held in National Harbor, Maryland at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. Attendees (That’s us!) enjoyed plentiful space, three gigantic conference halls, and delicious catering in the naturally-lit foyer of the facility.

Hiding Your Address in Google Business Profile Can Impact Your Local Ranking!

Those who are familiar with the Google Business Profile (GBP) guidelines would know that the search engine giant has some special suggestions for Service Area Businesses (SAB). Google recommends that since these businesses do not serve customers at their business address, they hide the address under the “Info” tab in Business Profile Manager.

The Rise of AI and How it can Impact SEO

Google’s announcement of search upgrades at Google I/O is truly exciting. These upgrades have the potential to enhance search relevance, information, and engagement for users. One particularly intriguing upgrade is the introduction of generative AI to search, allowing Google to provide more comprehensive and informative search results.

What’s Happening With Twitter (And Should I Worry)?

Social media has encountered a rather sudden shakeup as one of the most popular platforms for short-form text and video content has had a surprising renaissance, and to many, it’s not the good kind.

Major Security Issue with WooCommerce Payments Plugin

We’ve been closely monitoring an alarming exploit campaign that targets websites utilizing the WooCommerce Payments plugin. This popular plugin, installed on over 600,000 sites, harbors a critical vulnerability, labeled CVE-2023-28121. Cybercriminals are exploiting this flaw to gain unauthorized access and administrative privileges on vulnerable websites, making it a highly sought-after target.