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It is estimated that 15% of the world population (~1 billion people) and 26% of U.S. adults have some form of disability. Disabilities can be visual, auditory, cognitive, or physical. They can also be permanent, temporary, or situational. Digital accessibility means creating and maintaining a barrier-free digital experience so that individuals of all abilities can access—and interact with—online information.

Think about digital accessibility the same way you think of accessibility in the physical world. If a building isn’t designed for someone using an assistive device, like a wheelchair, that person is blocked from moving around that building. Similarly, if a website is not designed to work with assistive technology, like a screen reader, that individual is blocked from moving around that website.

Digital accessibility are features that enable users with disabilities to navigate, understand, and interact with digital content. An example would be support for assistive technologies (AT) like screen readers. Think of it as the “ramps and rails” of the digital world.

Digital accessibility

Why does it matter?

The inability to navigate the internet is debilitating. Web and mobile channels are fast becoming the primary route to a wide range of important services, such as buying groceries, consuming entertainment, paying bills, and even socializing. Especially given recent global events, students are now often dependent on online access to attend classes. If your digital services aren’t accessible to everyone, you are effectively shutting out up to 61 million people living with a disability. Positive Medium makes it fast, easy, and affordable to begin the journey to providing equal access for all.

How Does It Work?

How our powerful automation technology and team of experts provide the continuous coverage needed to help ensure that your website is compliant and accessible:

Find Accessibility Automation Solution In The Industry

Step 1


We can identify more accessibility issues than any automation solution in the industry

Providing A 24/7 help desk Service

Step 2


We fix the most accessibility issues (over 2x most competitors) and provide a 24/7 help desk

Active Monitoring

Step 3


Our active monitoring refreshes with each site visit and reports help track scans and fixes

Optimize Database Outcomes &  Automated Fixes

Step 4


Our database of test outcomes, automated fixes, and page scans improve our automation

OurAccessibility Compliance
Solution Includes:

  • Significant Accessibility Improvement Following
    WCAG 2.1 AA & Accessibility Laws such as ADA, SEC 508 & AODA
  • AI-Powered Tests & Fixes Resolve Over Half
    of Accessibility Issues on Majority of Sites
  • Access to Certified Accessibility Experts
  • Simple Compliance Plan
  • Visual Toolkit with 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Basic Legal Support & Warranty
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