How to Avoid the Apple Surcharge on Boosted Posts

Avoid the Apple service charge by boosting on or using Meta platforms for your ads. By following these tips, you can bypass the 30% fee retained by Apple when boosting in the Facebook iOS app. Learn more about how to manage your ad spending effectively and avoid unnecessary charges in this help article.

What is the Apple Service Fee?

The Apple Service Fee is a 30% charge retained by Apple on total ad payments made through the Facebook iOS app, before any applicable taxes. This fee is collected by Apple, not by Facebook or Meta.

How Does it Affect Your Ad Payments?

Even after boosting your content on the Facebook iOS app, Apple will retain a 30% service fee on the total ad payment. This means that a portion of your ad budget will go towards this fee, affecting the actual amount spent on reaching your audience.

Although the Apple service fee might impact the total cost of boosting your content, there are ways to avoid these charges by utilizing alternative platforms such as, Meta Business Suite, and Meta Ads Manager for managing and boosting your ads.

Tips to Avoid the Apple Service Fee

  • Boost Content from With the option to boost content directly from, you can avoid the Apple service fee by using your computer or preferred mobile web browser. This allows you to enjoy the same features as boosting from the Facebook app without incurring additional charges.
  • Add Prepaid Funds to Your Ad Account: Any user can add prepaid funds to their ad account from the payment settings using a computer or mobile browser. This enables you to boost on the Facebook iOS app without facing the Apple service fee. It’s a convenient way to manage your ad spend efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Boost Content from Meta Business Suite: Avoid the Apple service fee by boosting content from Meta Business Suite. By downloading the app or visiting the platform from a computer, you can manage your content across different surfaces and boost posts without incurring additional charges. This provides flexibility and cost-saving benefits for your advertising campaigns.
  • Create Ads from Meta Ads Manager: Content creators can utilize Meta Ads Manager to create ads without paying the Apple service fee. This can be done by downloading the app or accessing Ads Manager from a computer, giving you control over your ad creation process and saving on unnecessary fees. It’s a strategic way to optimize your advertising budget and maximize your reach to target audiences effectively.

Summing up

With these considerations, it is possible to avoid the Apple service charges when boosting content on Facebook by utilizing, Meta Business Suite, Meta Ads Manager, and prepaid funds. This allows for cost-effective advertising strategies and maximizing the impact of boosted posts without the additional charges.

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