Our WordCamp Buffalo 2023 Experience

WordCamp is an informal convention organized by WordPress users in cities around the globe, complete with speakers, swag, and tables from vendors eager to present their products or ideas. The most recent WordCamp was held on May 6th in Buffalo, New York. We’re always looking for new ways to improve and evolve, so we were proud to attend in order to meet and learn from fellow WordPress creators.

A big part of WordCamp is the presenters and speakers–folks eager to get behind a podium and share their experiences working with WordPress. WordCamp Buffalo was no exception, bringing us some of our favorite presentations from our many times attending WordCamps over the years.

The biggest highlight for us was Micah Wood’s presentation on WordPress troubleshooting. Micah, a WordPress developer from BlueHost, shared a very useful matrix that will be tremendously helpful when troubleshooting issues with client websites.

Jason Coleman’s presentation was also very informative. Jason shared his and his wife’s experiences as they transitioned from offering consulting services to developing and selling WordPress plugins.

While not specifically related to WordPress, Nev Harris’s talk on how to prepare your business for weathering the effects of inflation and a recession provided some helpful tips that we’ll be applying to our own business.

IMG 2144

While WordCamp was the primary destination for our journey, we admit to having taken a bit of a detour for sightseeing. The opportunity to visit a nighttime Niagara Falls was just too enticing. The view from across the border was breathtaking!

IMG 2167

WordCamp is the place to be for WordPress creators. If you haven’t attended, we highly recommend visiting an upcoming one near you. Our next stop will be WordCamp Montclair in June!

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