Why Do You Need a Website for Your Business?

Small business owners often question whether they need a website. After all, it’s another expense for their business. The reality is, it’s almost impossible to get by today without a website for customers to find and visit. A website provides numerous benefits to make it well worth the initial investment.

Look Professional

In today’s world, customers expect businesses to have a website. Websites can help the business look more professional, as there is a place customers can go to when they need information. A website can also act as a digital business card. Customers can save the link and come back to it anytime they need more information. Instead of handing out business cards, which are easily lost, simply direct them to your website.  Let your customers look, any time it’s convenient, to get the information they need.

Showcase Products and Services

Once a customer is interested in the business, they’re going to want to check out everything that you offer. A well-designed website gives them the chance to view products and services even if it’s the middle of the night and the business is closed. Your website is like a 24-hour storefront designed to bring in leads. If a customer is looking for something specific online or wants to check out the business, they can do so with ease.

Integrate With Google

It’s important to have your location listed in Google searches.  This will help customers know your physical location and will help promote your website.  Being listed on Google can help your customers find more information about your business such as your phone number, directions, hours, and more. An affordable SEO package will greatly improve the chances of your site being ranked high on Google.

Build Credibility

An up to date, modern website can help build credibility with customers. Websites that are poorly designed or lack basic information will likely turn customers away, as they can’t find the information they need.  A basic, no-frills website can also turn customers away as it may not have relevant information. That can give the impression that you may not care about your business’s online reputation.

Save Time on Customer Service

A lot of customer service time is wasted on basic questions that could be answered on a website. Customers won’t have to call to find out what time the store closes for the night–they can look online.  Most websites have CTAs or “Call To Action” functions that allow for your customers to contact you through other means, such as email or a simple contact form.  Another way to save time on customer service is a FAQ or “frequently asked questions” section on the website.  This will save not only your time, but also your customer’s, by having those simple questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Post Updates for Customers

Exciting new updates like product launches or the addition of new services can easily be posted on a website. While it’s possible to email or text customers with this kind of news, many customers will want to click a link and go directly to your website. When they visit, they’ll be able to see what’s new and get excited about sales you may have. On-site updates can also be used to convey crucial information, such as a change in store hours, to avoid disappointment or frustration.

The Basis for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for today’s businesses, and really can’t be done without a website. Whether your goal is showing up in local searches or to conquer social media, customers can become interested and excited about your company and will want to interact via your website, social media, and other online outlets.

A website is crucial for businesses today.  Having a well-designed and modern website can, and will, open new doors. Your customers expect the best experience you can give them, and with a website full of information, that’s what you are providing.

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