Spring 2023 Newsletter

Managed WordPress Now Supports PHP 8.1

The platform we use for developing websites, WordPress, is written in a programming language known as PHP. Until recently, our Managed WordPress hosting product supported version 7.4 of PHP. However, this version is now considered “end-of-life,” which means it will no longer receive security updates. Continuing to use this version of PHP on live websites is a security risk.

The good news is we have upgraded our Managed WordPress hosting platform to support PHP 8.1. We have already implemented this change on all customer websites, and have tested all sites to confirm they are still fully operational after the change.

In case we missed something during our testing and you find that something is broken on your site as a result of this update, please let us know. We will first attempt to resolve the issue without downgrading, but if necessary we can change you back to the older version of PHP until we are able to make your site fully compatible.

Transition to Google Analytics 4

We are also pleased to announce that we have upgraded all customer websites to support the latest version of Google Analytics, known as “GA4” or Google Analytics 4. In case you’re not aware, Google Analytics is the solution we use to provide insights on your website metrics, such as traffic and visitor demographics.

Google has been encouraging users to transition to GA4 as the previous version (known as “Universal Analytics”) is set to be retired on July 1, 2023. Starting from that date, Universal Analytics will no longer collect data, though existing data can still be viewed and exported.

Google Analytics 4 collects and presents data a bit differently from the previous version. We are available for walkthroughs of GA4–let us know if you’re interested in scheduling one.

Suggesting Post Content Using AI

Our Social Marketing product has been updated to include a “Suggest Post” option to assist in writing new social media content. This feature uses artificial intelligence to generate both short and long form content based on a specified topic. This new feature is great when you want to keep your social platforms updated but are out of content ideas.

Not familiar with Social Marketing? It allows you to compose and schedule posts on all of your social media platforms at once, saving time and keeping your messaging consistent. You can also reply to comments and generate leads from a single easy-to-use interface.If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website.

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